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~One of a kind leather strap-back 5-panel handmade with love & positive intention for a unique soul. This hat is a collaboration with tie dye visionary artist Diamond Wolff Dyes, fitted with her one of a kind 'Rainbow Burst', and 'Petals in the Pond' tie dye art. Katie Diamond Wolff always displays beautiful geometry and creativity, and high quality vibrant color in her work. Check her work at: for more visionary tie dye art.
This cap has a hand embroidered mandala with a Kyanite crystal as the centerpiece. Mandala is a sanskrit word that means "circle". A Mandala represents a cosmic diagram of oneness, reminding us we are infinite, beyond our minds and bodies. Blue Kyanite brings a calm and tranquil energy. It is a crystal of connection and communication. This Uplifted Mind Cap includes two secret stash pockets for your convenience. These hats are festival ready, covered with a fabric protector. 
*Please read our Return Policy before purchase.

The DiamondWolff~DiamondWolffDyes Collab.~OOAK

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
  • Each Uplifted Mind Cap is sprayed with a fabric protector, but if your cap gets dusty or dirty, you can take an air compressor or an aerosol duster to clean it. 

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