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Beanie featuring our Uplifted Mindz Mandala Logo. This patch is laser engraved on leather and hand stitched onto the beanie.

Here is a little break down of the symbolism of our logo in case you were curious:

We put together the center of the heart Chakra य as the U, and OM 🕉 sideways to make an M.

य ~ Anahata or Heart Chakra

The Heart center is the seat of love and devotion expressing gratitude, compassion, and kindness. The heart bridges the spirit and earth transcending limitations. 💚


🕉 ऌ  ~Om/Aum is a syllable that is the sound of the universe and connects one with the divine and the source of all creation. The first mention of this syllable in written text is in the Upanishads. Different parts of the Om symbol ॐ, represent reality in its different states of consciousness.

~Meander/Greek Key symbolizes infinity, unity and the eternal flow of life.

💕We chose the name UPLIFTED MINDZ with intention to create wearable art to uplift you. ~ We're inspired by nature, the unseen (but felt) current of spirit that powers this realm and are fueled by the heArt & imagination. 💚🧠🪄🌱

Uplift Your Mind Beanie

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