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This is a listing for a *Custom* Uplifted Mindz Cap. Hats pictured are NOT FOR SALE and for EXAMPLE ONLY.



You can find photos of your fabric options on the CUSTOM page. include in required field which Fabrics you would like with the number and name we have provided with that fabric ( Example: I would like 1. Bandana and 2. Red Hexagon). Please choose 2-5 fabrics at the most, but we will take our creative freedom in what we feel mix & matches best. We ask for your trust in our creative process, but feel free to shoot us your vision!


If you would like a crystal added to your cap please select which crystal you would like. If you are choosing your own crystal, we will try our best to fill your request.


*If you have any questions on the process, or would like our help to design your vision, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.


  • Custom orders take between 1-5 WEEKS to finish depending on volume of orders. Please respect the time we ask to create. You can email us to see our current wait time. If you would like another style of hat we can most likely make your vision into reality, just email us at to discuss first. If for some reason you would like a refund on a custom order, we ask that you give us time to sell your custom piece first before refund is issued. Thank you for your creative ideas, we love to work with you unique beings. Bless Up!

  • Each Uplifted Mind Cap is sprayed with a fabric protector, but if your cap gets dusty or dirty, you can take an air compressor or an aerosol duster to clean it. 

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