~One of a kind snap-back handmade with love & positive intention for a unique soul. This hat is fitted with brown and golden fabric and a Galactic Artifacts* laser-engraved wooden art added to the bill. "Here to Spread the Love and Awaken the potential inside of all," Galactic Artifacts art carries a healing vibration through sacred geometry and positive intention. This Uplifted Mind Cap includes two secret stash pockets for your convenience. These hats are festival ready, covered with a fabric protector to repel stains, spills, and water. 

*Check out Galactic Artifacts for more beautiful laser engraved wooden art & jewelry: 

*Please read our Return Policy before purchase.

The Galactic Artifact~ Handmade One of a Kind

  • Each Uplifted Mind Cap is sprayed with a fabric protector, but if your cap gets dusty or dirty, you can take an air compressor or an aerosol duster to clean it. 

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